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Our core business model is about identifying opportunities in the building sector where we can utilise our knowledge, skills and company synergies to deliver specific projects with a high degree of efficiency. Rather than building across all sectors, we have specialised in the design and construction of terraced houses and walk-up

We believe in taking an ‘integrated approach’ to construction and business, where we look to create efficiencies and streamline delivery within key components such as design, supply chain, staffing and partnerships. We have a group of companies covering a number of critical fields within the industry so we are less reliant on other

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Todd Scrafton, the managing director of ICONIQ Group, founded ICONIQ Construction in 2018. The name is a neology that loosely forms ‘I construct with intelligence’. This name aptly describes our desire to innovate and explore opportunities to cut out the inefficiencies of building. ICONIQ Construction has grown quickly due to our open, honest approach and commitment to intelligent building.

The company attracted talent from multiple fields and has expanded into numerous disciplines across the sector. We now develop and build our own projects as well as building for others, but always with an aim to achieve social and sustainable outcomes through our work.

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“At ICONIQ Group, we are committed to fighting homelessness, helping communities and lifting people up through building high volumes of quality homes, using local workers, in areas of greatest need”

We have identified Gisborne as one of those areas. We are in the process of delivering 200 homes - roughly one quarter of the houses required – in partnership with Kāinga Ora and plan to one day solve the local housing crisis here. Through the Young Tairawhiti program, we are also upskilling local Māori youth through an apprenticeship course that helps build the local skilled labour force.

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Sustainability is very important to us. We believe that the building sector has a duty to consider its environmental impact, so we intend to become a leader in the industry. ICONIQ is currently working towards planting our first carbon forest this year and aims to have 5 forests by the end of 2025.