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Toirakau Paoa

We are committed to making a social impact as we introduce a new and sustainable cycle into this project. As a company that has high hopes for the future of our Māori and Pacific youth, we are opening up the door of opportunities for local Rangatahi. This project educates, mentors, professionally trains, and most importantly increases jobs for young individuals looking to pursue a career in the construction industry. It is our incentive to provide each individual we recruit with the skills and knowledge to become qualified in their specific trade and beyond that, so they have the confidence and ability to further their career after gaining their qualification with us. Whether that be with Iconiq Group, working for another company, or starting their very own business – it is our mission to engrain work ethic and competence into the coming generations of the Gisborne region.

This project in particular represents everything that we are as a company, as we work to be the leading influence in a new and modern cycle that benefits everyone involved. Furthermore, the larger outcomes of this project are vast and will create opportunities for the future of the region and families within it. The urgency to provide warm and dry homes in New Zealand is significant, which is why Iconiq Group has come up with a faster and more efficient solution to produce affordable yet outstanding homes that can be transported right to you and your whanau. Inside the Relocatable Facility also known as 'Toirakau Paoa', we construct relocatable homes, offering varying styles to suit different living requirements and financial budgets.

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